Ebook “The Essentials” & “Springer Briefs Series in Digital Spaces”

CIGREF, the French network for large companies, presents its latest reference book in English and in an enriched ebook version “The Essentials” together with the complementary “Springer Briefs Series in Digital Spaces

CIGREF, which brings together and coordinates a net work of 130 of the largest French companies and organizations, has set itself the mis sion of “promoting Digital Culture as a source of innovation and performance”. Driven by a desire for openness and international dialogue, CIGREF wants to share its vision of « digital business » with the largest number of leaders around the world. In this context, CIGREF is pleased to announce the publication of :

“The Essentials”, its latest reference book, now un iversally accessible and available online and in English.

“The edition of this book in English and in an enriched ebook format shows the desire of CIGREF and its
members, which are all international companies, to bring their thoughts and vision on tomorrow’s digital
business globally. To better understand how the digital world is transforming the way we live and do business.”

Pascal Buffard, President of CIGREF

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